Butter Festival at Dayara 2017

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The opportunity to play with butter, milk and 'Chach' (butter milk) on the lush green altitude Himalayan meadow is a once n a life time experience.

अंडूड़ी (Anduri) -Unique butter festival is also known as Butter Holi being celebrated at height of 3048 meters, at lush Dayara meadow in Uttarakhand, on 16  and 17 Aug 2017.

The festival is associated with the practice of villagers moving to higher altitude during summer.For four long months, highlanders move with their cattle to high altitude for pasture.Villagers celebrate "anduri' when winter approaches and its time to leave the grassland.It is their way to thank the mother earth for giving them a safe and comfortable stay on the Bugyal.Anduri is also celebrated to thank Lord Krishna for protecting them from evil forces while they were grazing in the open meadows.

The traditional 'Raso' group dances besides the melodious songs make this an unforgettable experience.The butter smeared faces of the people are a real treat to watch!

To attend this festival of 2 days one has to reach Raithal by 15th August.Home stay and Tent stay are available at Raithal near Uttarkashi and Dayara meadows.

Itinerary and charges -

Arrival at 15th August at Raithal
Raithal is 38 km from Uttarkashi and shared taxis would charge Rs 70 .
Please note- Shared taxies are available at Uttarkashi till 3.00 pm only.
On 15th August home stay at Raithal with tea and dinner inclusive- charges Rs 600 pp
16th August move up to Dayara after breakfast 
16th August- stay at shared tents at Dayara – charges Rs 1500 pp 
17th August- celebrate Makhan holi at Dayara and move down to Raithal.
17th August - Home stay at Raithal - charges Rs 600 pp

Contact Person : Mr D. Bhatt at 8057612248

For inquiry, please get in touch with us.


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