Chopta -The Dancefloor of the Clouds

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From the Alaknanda Valley in Uttrakhand, where the pilgrim path leads to one of the four abodes,  the Badrinath Abode, and through the Mandakini valley one reaches the Kedarnath Abode which is one of 12 Jyotirlingas( a title of Lord Shiva) . These two valleys combine to form the charming promenade in the middle of a very beautiful route that leads to Chopta. About 2600m above the ocean lies the greenery and snow clad beauty that lends a pure ambience to the place, every second, pleasing to the senses.

As beautiful as Chopta is, the path leading to this place is far more enchanting. Travellers, who come here, can’t help but forget the world and loose themselves in the natural beauty on offer. Chopta can be reached through the route stretching between Chomli and Gopeshwar and the heights of the Mandal Valley, that lie in the main Badrinath route in the Alaknanda Valley.

Whereas on the Kedarnath main road in the Mandakini valley, from Kund to Ukhimat and Dugalbitta, there rises between the enchanting surroundings of the dense forests, a motorway that is unforgettable.

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