Harshil-The place with the humming Ganga

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Every pilgrim and tourist that comes to Uttarakhand wants to make the nearest pilgrimage to the river of Ganga as an indispensable part of their itinerary. who come here, take a dip in the holy waters of the Ganga River and partake in the supernatural experience that this place provides. The Ganga descending from the snow capped mountain ranges flows through, and gives rise to delicate valleys. On the shores of the Ganga river are settlements of small towns that form a major source of attraction for the devotees and the tourists who visit the place.

When originates from the Gomukh, it descends to Gangotri. This particular place in Uttrakhand is famously known for its rank as one of the prime pilgrimage spot, having one of the four Dhams. Harshil or Harsil is situated at a height of 7860 feet, on the way to Uttrakashi-Gangotri, which is at about 43kms from Gomukh, the point of origin of the Ganga, near a settlement by the shores of the Bhagirathi River. Gangotri and Hrashil are apart by a mere 25 kms between them. One can reach Gangotri via Haridwar Hrishikesh route along the Ganga or take the Bhagirathi Valley path.          


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