Kausani - Along with the sun

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When the valleys of Kumaon, spreads it magnificence on to the fields of Katyur, and the moonlight sends out its shade to the little homes, pines, oaks, on the burrows and the deodar tress, a beautiful poet of nature is born. Later, the same poet becomes famous by the name of Sumitranandan Pant, an influential poet of Hindi literature. It is in this Kausani, that the house of Sumitranandan Pant has been made into a museum.

When Gandhiji traveled to Kausani during his Kumaon tour, he painted this picture, for those visiting Europe, of Kausani being more healthy and beautiful that Europe itself.  Gandhiji's place of stay here "Anashakti Ashram" encourages tourists to spend some quiet time with nature. Nature has taken its best treasure at this place.

At about 52 kms from Almora, Kausani is the resort of the tourists. Earlier at the heights of Pingnath this place was known as Klan. Today in these hills, tourists take advantage of and enjoy tourist activities like hiking and camping. From Kausani, one can see a chain of almost 300 snow clad mountains. The colors and the views of sunrise and sunset on these peaks is very popular amongst the tourists. The tourists are enthusiastic about capturing the beauty of these sunrises and sunset in their cameras. Amidst the tea gardens, the high hills of the mountains lay the resorts, hotels and rest houses that provide a glimpse of hospitality for the tourists.

The journey of the compelling Someshwar valley from Almora reaches Kashiani on the highway. Only 16 km away from Kausani in the Baijnath valley, at the confluence of Gomati and Garud Ganga, when tourists reach the 12th and 13th-century Baijnath temple group, they become overwhelmed by the architecture of the Katyuri style.

The tea from the tea plantations of Kausani, drinks and food items such as juice and jam, chutney is easily available here. The well-known granular juice that is made from local forests collected from the Burundian flowers is popular here. Woolen and warm clothes such as shawls, hats, sweaters, mats can be purchased in shops through many shops and stores. At the Kausani village markets, Kausani shawl and other attractive items and memorabilia from Kumaon, attract many tourists.

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