Mukteshwar, the Land of Free and Pristine Nature

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About 29 and 53 kms from Nainital, lies Ramgargh and Mukteshwar respectively. When tourists land here, after having immersed themselves in the beauty of the lakes and rivers, in and around Sarovarnagri  Nainital in Kumaon, they are witness to a diverse dispersion of natural beauty strewn around in this land.

Nature has generously sprinkled the essence of beauty and magnificence in this area rather than converging it to a single point. Ramgarh forms a kingdom of flora and fauna, wildlife and lovely intoxicating bays in Mukteshwar.

People evidently believe that Mukteshwar inherited its name through the free variance of God.

About 24 kms away from Mukteshwar lays another favorite spot for tourists, Ramgarh. Ramgarh's natural splendor also received fame as the favorite destination of poets like Rabindranath Tagore and Mahadevi Verma. Ravindranath Tagore during his stay in this area composed “Sandhyageet” along with some portions of “Gitanjali”. Mahadevi Verma even bought a bungalow for her stay at Umgarh near Ramgarh. This bungalow today is established as the Mahadevi Literature Museum.

At the height of about 2300 meters above sea level, the intricate cedar trees and the immaculate glory of the snow mountain chains, intoxicate the tourists on their stroll. This pleasure of strolling reaches another resort next to Mukteshwar to Sheetlakhet.

At every point you feel like pausing and admiring the beauty where every inch is surrounded by forests, valleys and ice capped mountains. The fragrance of the fruits and flowers planted along the small villages is breathtaking.

Mukteshwar is a small town. In 1989, a scientist named Lingard, founded an ecosystem in this refreshing atmosphere which today is famous as the Indian Animal Research Institute. Scientists, students and researchers working in this area benefit from this institution. Mukteshwar Temple situated on the hill of Mukteshwar is a center of faith. From Ramgarh to Mukhteshwar and from Mukteshwar to Sheetlakhet lay attractive resorts, Hotel, Resthomes and the other guest houses that are also open to great hospitality and treatment.

Amongst the local products, food and beverages made from fresh fruit flowers are very popular. There is honey, medicines manufactured from local forests, along with products made from the wool from sheep and goats. At the local level, these products are available for sale by various organizations, NGOs, etc. A group called "Kilmoda" in Sheetla is making local products available through attractive packing.


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