Munasyari..The Snowy Smiles

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Far from the fast paced life, Munasyari is a pleasant escape that is reflective of the peace congruent to the snowy mountain ranges it is surrounded by. The town of Munasyari is connected to Joharghati, entering the Himalayan beauty at the height of approximately 2289.

The beauty of the small village can be experienced in Joharghati and in the life of the people here. The terrain of Gori river is connected to the beautiful slopes of Kalamuni. On one hand is Panchachuli, Hunsal ranges, and on the other hand, the scenes of Khaliyatop, Kalamuni's panoramic peaks that excite. From the snowy smile of Munasari, the glaciers  Muman Millam, Ralam Namik etc. make way through the many creeks and waterfalls that serve as an exciting trekking route for enthusiasts.

Velvet grassland turfs (Bugyal), waterfalls, glaciers, valleys and the snowflakes in the Munasyari area provide unique features for adventure tourists. The entrance to the snow-clad beauty is enveloped with the beauty of Munasari forest and wildlife.

Amidst the availability of rare animals, birds and flora fauna in the Himalayan uphill, this is also the most revered spot of nature for the ascetic sage-monks.  By the auspices of Lord Shiva, by many sages of Kapil Rishi, the phenomena of Kailash Mansarovar journey becomes superhuman.

Very close to the Himalayas is Munasyari and its neighbouring villages where there is an abundance of fruits and vegetables, nutritious cereals, pulses, and potatoes. Various products of woolen fabrics by sheep-keepers are encouraging the handloom and handicraft industry.



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