The Hilly Terrains of Binsar

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Tourists on wandering on the hills seek to touch the snowy mountains. They want to reach those heights in the mountains that allow them scenic uninterrupted scenic views as far as the eye can reach. It is this desire that has led many a tourists to the ever tall mountains of Uttrakhand.

One such place to satiate your desires, located about 33 kms from Almora, amidst the high mounts, is Binsar. It is a forest reservoir. It is a platform that provides insights into the many birds of the mountains, butterflies and the rest of the forest life prevalent. The hill is covered with narrow lanes that wrap the active path to reach Binsar. The entire path is enveloped in trees. The presence of small water bodies and the serene and enchanting sounds of the birds and animals make create a musical ambience. At the peak of the mountain is where Binsar lies. This is the point where the massive Himalayan ranges and the breath taking views of the beautiful valley make your dreams appear real. 

The redness of the sunrise and sunset that you experience from this lofty hill is unimaginable. In the moonlit nights, the entire valley from Binsar appears to be floating in the supernatural sky. The shimmery lights give the impression of a different galaxy. The imagination of touching the moon and the stars seem so easy to accomplish here. Even higher than the flight of the birds, the tourists here get their own experience of a close rendezvous with nature. Nature has generously given this place a free hand lending it its unique beauty. This is the reason this place has become a new tourist destination.

Binsar has become the prime choice for painters, writers, songwriters, and musicians. Amidst peace and beauty here, they can give their creativity a new flight. Through Yoga and meditation, tourists gain a renewed and refreshed body and mind, and experience the residence of Lord Shiva in the snow clad mountain chain.

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