Traditional jewellery of Kumaon Garhwal of Uttarakhand

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Traditional jewellery or ornaments of kumaon and garhwal region of himalayan state of Uttarakhand.

The artisans of Uttarakhand have retained the uniqueness of their designs till date and this goes for their ornaments as well. The traditional jewellery of Kumayon and Garhwal used to be crafted out of silver and gold with brass overlays for prolonging the longevity of the metal. Even today gold and silver ornaments is a part of the regular attire of the ladies of Uttarakhand who prefer wearing oversized jewellery that stands out. The big nose ring is one of the most special jewellery of this region, which a bride inherits on her wedding day from her maternal uncle. In today’s post, we are going to talk about a few of the most popular items of jewellery from the heavenly Himalayan state.


This exquisite ornament which is meant to be worn at the nasal septum usually comes in gold or silver carved with detailed motif. In the day gone by, Bulaq used to be a must wear for women from the Kumayon, Jaunsar and Garhwal regions but these days they have fallen out of fashion.


Nathuli comes from the word ‘Nath’ which is basically a synonym for nose rings. Perhaps the most widely worn ornament of the state, Nathuli or the nose ring worn by women is hailed for its timeless design. Although the design of this jewellery could vary from region to region, its charisma remains unchanged. Nathuli is a weighty pearl studded nose ring which is inherited by the bride on the day of her wedding. The weight of the nose ring and the number of pearls it has is often an indicator of the status of the bride’s family.

Tehri Nath of Garhwal

Perhaps the most captivating of all these nose rings is the Tehri Nath of the Garhwal region which is tremendously revered because of its intricate stone work and use of the Kundan. This mammoth sized gold ring comes with mind-blowing motifs consisting of floral patterns or festooned peacocks. Like the other nose rings mentioned above, the Tehri Nath is also considered to be an integral part of the dowry of the newlywed.



These regal gold neckpieces come with 5 chains of golden beads often clasped together with kundan clasps. It can come either in plain gold or fitted with rubies and kundans.

Sikka Mala

kaldaar or sikka maala

The Sikka mala commonly known as Kaldaar is one of those jewelleries which is popular in many regions of the Himalayas. This simple jewellery comes fitted with a number of old coins or sikkas which gives it a rather interesting look.



Worn in several regions of the Himalayan belt including Uttarakhand, Himachal and Nepal, the Hansili is a beautiful silver collar with a minimalistic design. The light and chic collar can be found in most handicraft stores of the state.


Galabandh is a kind of chocker which is more popular in the Kumaon district of Uttarakhand. This ornamental belt comes with beautiful diamond studded gold work. Meant to be worn on the neck, Galabandh has already become popular in other parts of the country as well.





Pahunchi is a sort of traditional bracelet which comes with large golden balls. The balls are basically hollow beads made of gold and studded with lac. Mostly preferred by women in Garhwal, this bracelet can at times be studded with gems.


Paiji or anklets are extremely popular among Pahari women and you’ll find almost everyone wearing one of them. The beautiful silver embroidered ankle often comes with embedded stones. A few variants of Paiji comes with a chain attaching it to the toe ring.

Bicchi or Bicchua


Bicchi or toe rings in Uttarakhand comes with intricate metal work on the broad plate on the head of the ring. Usually made of gold or silver, Bicchi might or might not come with gems.


A splendid piece of jewellery worn around the waist, the popularity of Kamarbandh has quickly spread to other parts of the subcontinent. In Uttarakhand, you will find two kinds of Kamarbandhs- one which is crafted of cloth and the other made out of silver. Generally meant to be worn over the traditional attire, the Kamarbandh brings out the feminine grace and charm.


Kanfool or karnfool is a classic pahari earring which literally means flower of the ear.


Murkhelai is a special kind of earring which comes attached with hanging beads either red or white in colour. The size of the ring is dependent on the budget.

Dhaguli or Dhagula







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