Uttarakhand Fairs and Festivals

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Folk art of Uttarakhand: The richness of culture and fair and festival traditions has given special recognition to this terrain of Uttarakhand. Throughout the year pilgrims, tourists and tourists are excited about the festive gatherings here and during the cultural activities. Dance songs like Uttarakhand's Pandav Nritya, Choufala, Jhoomlo, Thadia, Chanchari, Cholia attract tourists. Uttarakhand's folk dance drama "Ramman" has acquired international fame. There is an opportunity for tourists and travelers to experience the festive traditions in Uttarakhand up close and personal... 

Veer Shiromani Madho Singh Bhandari Memorial fair:
Maletha, Kirtinagar, Tehri (4-8 January) is organized in the place of birth of Veer Shiromani Madho Singh Bhandari, Maletha. 

Uttarayani Fair: Traditional Uttarayanani Mela is organized in different areas and districts including Nainital, Bageshwar, and Haldwani. This takes place between January 10-15. 

Magh Fair: Uttarkashi (January 14-21) A religious and mythological fair held in Magh month is organized mainly in Uttarkashi, which is important from a cultural as well as business perspective. 

Kannavashram Fair: Between February 11-12, in Kotdwar, Pauri, the Kannavashram Fair is organized at the birth place of Sage Kanva.

Spring Festival: Two floral exhibitions and cultural events are organized in the Raj Bhavan on the arrival of spring in Dehradun.

Yoga Festival: Yoga training is provided by yoga masters and trainers in Ganga Resorts by the Tourism Department in Rishikesh for one week (March 1 – 7). Special cultural programs are organized on this occasion. A similar event was organized in Jageshwar of Kumaon in November 2015.

Festival of Holi: On Holi festival, traditional Holi is organized in the whole of Uttarakhand. The Kumaon Mandal's sitting and standing Holi is a famous attraction. 

All India theatre festival: Dehradun (March ) on the occasion of World Stage Day, theatrical performances are given by the state and national level theatrical groups.  

Piraan Kaliyaar Fair: In Roorki (March- April) this fair is organized every year at the famous dargah of Sabir Sabir where thousands of devotees come to fulfill their wishes. 

Veer Gabbar Singh Memorial Fair: Chamba, Tihri Garwaal (April 23). This fair is organized in memory of Veer Senani Gabbar Singh, who is honored with Victoria Cross.

Chaiti Fair: Uddham Singh Nagar. (April ). Organized in the Chaitra month, this fair has religious and cultural significance. 

Bissu fair: Chakrata ( April ). On the occasion of Baisakhi, traditional Bissu Fair is organized in Tribal Area, Jounsar Bawar. 

Veer Chandra Singh Garwali Memorial Fair: Pouri Garwal (April 23). This festival is organized in Peetsaing, every year in the memory of independent freedom fighter Veer Chandra Singh Garwali. 

Martyr Kesari Chand Fair- Chakrata:(May 2-3). On Shaheed Kesari Chand's Sacrifice Day an attractive fair is organized. 

Sumitra Nandan Pant Smriti Poet Conference:

Kausani ( May) At the Almora Museum, a gallery is dedicated to the poet Sumitra Nandan Panth, in Kasauni. In this alley is conducted a national poem conference in memory of the poet.

Choliya Festival:

Pithoragarh  (May): More than 50 Cholia groups from the entire state present the only Cholia festival of Uttarakhand. From a tourism perspective, this event is significant. Shree Dev Suman Birth Anniversary Day Celebrations: New Tihri (May 25). On the occasion of Shree Dev Suman birthday, a grand ceremony is held at New Tehri. 

Badri Kedar Festival:

Badri Kedar festival is organized every year in the month of May-June by the Culture Department. Apart from the folk dances of Uttarakhand, classical dance, instrument playing and hymns are the other attractions of this festival. 

Governor’s Cup Gold Tournament: Every year in Nainital, Cultural programs are organized on the occasion of the Governor's Cup Golf Tournament.

Shraawani Fair:

Jaageshwar Almora (July ). Important from a religious perspective and for Shiva Puja, events related to the culture of Uttarakhand by the cultural parties associated with the Culture Department in this festival are also organized.   

Devi Festival: Devidhaar, Champawat (July ). Various cultural programs are organized at the Devi Festival. 

Kharsali Fair: Kharsali, Uttarkashi (July ). This fair of legendary and historical importance sees chariots of Gods come far away. 

Gaura Atthawali Festival: Champawat (July-August). This celebration is celebrated by the Raji tribe. 

Bhaathkhandey Jubilee: Dehradun, Almora, Pouri (August ). Performances of classical singing, instrument playing and dance at Bhatkhande Hindustani music colleges are organized on the birthday of Bhatkhande ji. 

Bagwal Fair/ Ashadi Kouthik: Devidhura, Champawat (August 23-31). Ashari Kothik "Bagwal" fair is organized in Barhidham Devi Dhura. The Bhagwal "Stone War" is the main attraction of this fair. 

Lamh Ser Fair: Joharghati, Pithoragarh (August). This is the main fair of Bhotia tribe held in the Johar Valley.

Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant Birth Anniversary: Khoont, Almora (September 10). Various programs are organized in every district of the state, including Gram Khant Almora Nainital on the birth anniversary of Bharat Ratna awardee, Govind Ballabh Pant.  

Lakshmi Narayan Tourism Cultural Development Fair: Kimoli, kapiri-Chamoli (September 2-4). This fair is organized from a tourism development and cultural point of view. 

Kunjapuri Tourism Development Fair: Tehri, Garhwal (September 15-20). Kunjapuri Tourism Development Fair has special significance in the state of Narender Nagar. 

Nanda Fair: Nanda Mela is organized at different places like Almora, Ranikhet, Nainital, and Chamoli.

Kalidas Anniversary: Kawiltha, Rudraprayag (October 15-20). Cultural Drama and cultural events are organized on the occasion of Mahakavi Kalidas Jayanti at the place called Kaviltha of Rudraprayag district.  

Autumn Festival/Summer festival: To attract tourists, Uttarakhand Tourism Department organizes autumn/summer festival in summer and winter at all major tourist destinations of the state. Light

Light Festival/Farming: Chmapawat (October 15-19). The Cultural program is organized during this time. 

State Establishment Day: Dehradun (November 8-10). Organized this day are, cultural programs based on the folk culture of Uttarakhand and performances of national and international level artists.    

Indian international trade fair: Pragati Maidan New Delhi (November 14-29).

On the occasion of Uttarakhand Day, cultural events based on the culture of the state are presented at the International Trade Fair held annually. 

Jouljiwi Fair: Pithoragarh (November 14-21).This legendary fair is organized at the confluence of the black and white rivers. In the past, it was a place of confluence for traditional trade between India and Tibet. 

Baikunth Chaturdashi Fair: Srinagar, Garhwal (November 1-10).On the occasion of Baikunth Chaturdashi is organized a famous fair that provides a glimpse of the folk culture with cultural programs. This day, the childless couple make a sacrifice in the form of divine light, by holding a night lamp all night in prayer. 

Guru Nanak Jayanti/ Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti Festival: Champawat, Chamoli (November 2): On the occasion of the Sikh festival of lights, Prakashotsav, in the holy shrine of Reetha Sahib (Champawat) and Gobind Ghat (Chamoli), an evening of hymn and prayers is organized. 

Gouchar Fair: Chamoli ( November 14-20). Cultural and Development Fair is organized in Gauchar. Before the independence of India, this fair was started as a traditional trading event between India and Tibet. This way Jouljiwi in Kumaon and Goucher in Garhwal became two major business centers. Later, the fair was held at both places as an opportunity for the business center for the hand craft products of the Bhotia tribe and the occasion of merriment. 

Shaheed Udham Singh Festival: A grand fair is organized in memory of Rudrapur, Udham Singh Nagar, martyr Udham Singh.

Jaunsar Bawar Festival: Dehradun (December 29-30)This fair was organized in an attractive manner, based on the Jaunsar Bawar folk culture. 

Mussoorie Carnival: Mussoorie (December 27-31).The Mussoorie carnival is organized to attract tourists and tourists in Mussoorie, the Queen of Mountains. Presentations are given by national and internationally renowned artists on this occasion.

Dushshera in the capital city of Dehradun: During Diwali, the heritage festival is organized and the Uttarakhand Handloom and Handicrafts Council and Industry Department organizes various exhibitions in various fields including fairs. This opportunity provides attractive opportunities for tourists to purchase various local products of Uttarakhand.   

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