Winsar Uttarakhand Yearbook English 2017

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Winsar Uttarakhand Yearbook (English)-2017  from Winsar Publishing a reliable work of reference giving accurate and comprehensive information on the state of Uttarakhand in wider context of India.The Uttarakhand Yearbook (English) - 2017 is most imperative reference book for candidates of various Uttarakhand competitive exams such as UK...
Uttarakhand Handbook by Shailendra Singh Negi-Uttarakhand literature-Samaun- The Himalayan Treasure

Uttarakhand Handbook by Shailendra Singh Negi

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This book has been prepared keeping in mind the needs of the students who are preparing for competitive examinations of uttarakhand. The book includes General knowledge, gist, solved questions and model question papers

Winsar Uttarakhand Atlas by Dr. Indu Bharti

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latest edition Winsar Uttarakhand Atlas-Drishya manchitrawali by Dr. Indu Bharti apprises us about Uttarakhand states proud past, land,water resources, forests, environment,geography and historic heritages. It includes photos and maps apart from subject matter.The Uttarakhand Atlas would let the readers have better understating of natural and economic resources of their state. Students,candidates...
Uttarakhand Ka Naveen Itihas by Dr Yashwant Singh Katoch-Winsar Publishing-Uttarakhand literature-Samaun- The Himalayan Treasure

Uttarakhand Ka Naveen Itihas by Dr Yashwant Singh Katoch-Winsar Publishing

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Uttarakhand has its own history and culture since times immemorial.The main purpose of writing the latest history of Uttarakhand is to ascertain the recent historical chronology of the central Himalayan state. For this,The modern history of the Himalayas is analyzed in detail and written down till...

Kinnar desh mein by Rahul Sankrityayan

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Kinnar desh mein by Most famous indian traveller Sh. Rahul Sankrityayan.

Legendary Artist Ranvir singh bisht by dr. Nandkishor Dhoundiyal

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Ranvir singh bisht by dr. Nandkishor Dhoundiyal.Late Professor Ranvir Singh Bisht who was born in the soil of the hills painted the various Shades of life on canvas to achieve national and international fame,which is an example in itself to emulate. This great painter who has...

Jaunsar Bawar Aitihasik Sandarbh by Tikaram Shah

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Jaunsar Bawar Aitihasik Sandarbh (Jaunsar Bawar historic context) by Tikaram Shah in Hindi is a best book about insight on Jaunsari tribes. Due to lack of factual information, many notions are created in the society about the tribes which tend to create a mysterious aspect about them. Needless...

Uttarakhand Disaster- book by Dr U S Rawat

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Uttarakhand Disaster: Contemporary Issues of Climate Change and Development with Holistic Approach by  Dr US Rawat and his colleague VP Semwal. The book analyses the details of various social and economic and political factors, which led to environmental tragedy like Kedarnath flood in Uttarakhand during...

Uttarakhand Ki Neev Ke Patthar

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Uttarakhand Ki Neev Ke Patthar by sh. Kuldeep Rawat

Garhwali Bhasha ke Analochit Paksha

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Garhwali Bhasha ke Analochit Paksha by Dr. Achala Nand Jakhmola Publisher- Winsar Publishing

Himalaya review by Harish chandra Nainwal

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Himalaya review by Sh.Harish chandra Nainwal

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