Brahama Kamal- The Himalayan flower

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Brahamakamal – The rare Himalayan flower known as Brahama kamal is only available in high altitude of Himalayas and blossoms only for couple of weeks. Dimensions:- Height- 13 inches Width- 17 inches

Chhaveen-Chit Chat Uttarakhand

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Chhaveen - Chhaveen is the garhwali world meaning talks,Beautifully depicted the Pahadi Uttarakhandi women sitting midway and talking while coming back from visiting a festival or a relative’s place. Dimensions:- Height- 25 inches Width- 18 inches
Garhwali Tehri Nath

Garhwali Tehri Nath - Uttarakhand

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Garhwali Tehri Nath - The 2-D framed sculpture is Artistically representing the legendary Tehri Nath and other Jewellery from Garhwal adorned by Pahari woman of Uttarakhand. The Nath or Nathuli is a main Jewellery item for Pahadi women across Garhwal,Kumaon and Jaunsar regions in Uttarakhand though the designs of...
Hudka-Uttarakhand musical instrument and traditional dress

Hudka playing Uttarakhand traditional sculpture

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Hudka is traditional Uttarakhand musical instrument which is shaped like Damru but played with hand.This beautifully carved Fibre glass 3-D sculpture of Uttarakhandi man dressed in traditional dress and  playing Hudka is a depiction of rich Uttarakhandi himalayan culture. Material - Fibre Glass Dimensions:- Height- 6.5 inches Base...
Jhumelo Uttarakhand dance souvenir-Murals-Samaun- The Himalayan Treasure

Jhumelo Uttarakhand dance souvenir

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Jhumelo is one of the popular dance song sequence of Garhwal and Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. It is a group dance and there is no restriction of genders. Both the genders can participate in the dance. However, mostly this Uttarakhand dance is performed by females....
Pahadi Dadi - 3D Uttarakhand traditional dress sculpture-Murals-Samaun- The Himalayan Treasure

Pahadi Dadi - 3D Uttarakhand traditional dress sculpture

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Pahadi Dadi - The beatifully crafted 3D souvenir of Uttarakhand, gracefully depicted in full traditional Uttarakhandi  jewellery such as Bulaq (nose ring), Kundal (earrings), Hansuli (necklace),Paunchhi (bracelet),Guluband or Gulband(necklace),Chandra Haar (necklace) etc.All these ornaments of uttarakhand are part of its rich cultural heritage. This asthetically created craft by artist...
Pahadi Dadi-Uttarakhand traditional Dress-Murals-Samaun- The Himalayan Treasure

Pahadi Dadi-Uttarakhand traditional Dress

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Pahdai Dadi(grandma)- The wall hanging sculpture of Uttarakhandi woman, gracefully depicted in full traditional Uttarakhandi dress &  jewellery such as Bulaq (nose ring), Kundal (earrings), Hansuli (necklace),Paunchhi (bracelet),Guluband or Gulband(necklace),Chandra Haar (necklace) etc. The sculpture is made in fibre glass and is framed in wood and glass frame. Material...
Rumuk-Uttarakhand-Murals-Samaun- The Himalayan Treasure


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Rumuk – Nostalgically Reminds the dusk scenario of Himalayan state Uttarakhand when our elders used to sit on Chazza alone or in village center to have some traditional hukka puffs. The traditional hukkas known as Naryul (nariyal) were made of a hollow dried coconut shell....
Shri Badrinath Ji Temple replica-Murals-Samaun- The Himalayan Treasure

Shri Badrinath Ji Temple replica

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Beautiful fiber glass replica of Shri Badrinathji temple in bronze color made by local artisan of Uttarakhand.This nice souvenir from God's abode Uttarakhand, is a gift for every admirer of himalayan craft and heritage. About Badrinathji temple - Shri Badrinath,Badrish or Badrinarayan Temple is dedicated to lord Vishnu, situated in the...

Shri Kedarnath Ji temple replica souvenir

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Beautiful fiber replica of Shri Kedarnathji temple made by local Artisan of Uttarakhand. The replica of sh kedarnath ji is minutely detailed and painted in mettalic bronze shade.Serves  as a perfect cultural souvenir from himalayan state of Uttarakhand  or a memorable momento of Uttarakhand to gift your dear...
Gangotri ji temple uttarakhand souvenir and momento

Souvenir of Gangotri ji temple replica

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Perfectly detailed 3D replica of Gangotri temple made of fiber glass in bronze color by local artist of Himalayan state of Uttarakahnd. This is beautiful creation is a very nice uttarakhand souvenir,gift or a momento for anyone who loves god abode uttarakhand, ganga and himalaya....
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