Comprehensive collection of Himalayan literature and books, specially from Hill state of Uttarakhand. The Literature collection also covers complete range of most renowned publisher of Uttarakhand books  - Winsar Publishing Co. and also famous books on Uttarakhand  from other publishers.


Jaunsar Bawar Aitihasik Sandarbh by Tikaram Shah

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Jaunsar Bawar Aitihasik Sandarbh (Jaunsar Bawar historic context) by Tikaram Shah in Hindi is a best book about insight on Jaunsari tribes. Due to lack of factual information, many notions are created in the society about the tribes which tend to create a mysterious aspect about them. Needless...

Uttarakhand Yearbook 2018 (Hindi) by Winsar Publishing

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Winsar Uttarakhand Yearbook (Hindi)-2018  from Winsar Publishing a reliable work of reference giving accurate and comprehensive information on the state of Uttarakhand in wider context of India.The Uttarakhand Yearbook (Hindi) - 2018 is most imperative reference book for candidates apperaing in Hindi Mediun for various Uttarakhand...
ManasKhand-Kumaon Itihaas Dharam Sanskriti Vastushilp evam Paryatan-By Hema Uniyal-Uttarakhand literature-Samaun- The Himalayan Treasure

ManasKhand-Kumaon Itihaas Dharam Sanskriti Vastushilp evam Paryatan-By Hema Uniyal

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Manas Khand-Kumaon Itihaas Dharam Sanskriti Vastushilp evam Paryatan-By Hema Uniyal. This is hard cover edition.  

Hindi : Kumauni-Garhwali-Jaunsari Dictionary By Bharti Pandey

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In order to bring a Hindi to Garhwali- Kumaoni-jaunsari dictionary, Mrs Bharti Pandey & Winsar publishing has created the comprehensive dictionary for all languages of Uttarakhand to Hindi. This dictionary would be useful for Garhwali,Kumaoni, jaunsari language learners,researchers,students Publisher- winsar publishing

Sparsha Ganga by Dr Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank

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A book by Dr Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank on famous Sparsha Ganga Movement about Ganga awareness.

Uttarakhand Ka Naveen Itihas by Dr Yashwant Singh Katoch-Winsar Publishing

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Uttarakhand has its own history and culture since times immemorial.The main purpose of writing the latest history of Uttarakhand is to ascertain the recent historical chronology of the central Himalayan state. For this,The modern history of the Himalayas is analyzed in detail and written down till...

Uttarakhand : Samagra Gyankosh by Dr Rajendra Prasad Balodi (IVth Edition)-Hindi

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The Uttarakhand comprehensive Encyclopedia has been divided into 8 sections and 62 chapters. This encyclopedia contains details about the position of the Himalayan state in mythology, past splendour, origin of name of Uttarakhand, geographic description, administrative set up and political structure, statehood movement, social scenario, castes, traditions and...

Pauranik Uttarakhand (History) by Dr Rakesh Mohan Nautiyal

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The history of human kind can be learnt only when the story is presented chronologically from the beginning. The main knowledge about the Indian culture and history is found in the Puranas after the Vedas. The moral values and life values of the ancient society...
Uttarakhand (Nature,Culture,Diversity)-Winsar publishing-Uttarakhand literature-Samaun- The Himalayan Treasure

Uttarakhand (Nature,Culture,Diversity)-Winsar publishing

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An illustrative book by Sh. Chandra Singh Negi on diverse Uttarakhand depicting its culture and Nature. Publisher-Winsar publishing
Prakriti Path Nanda Path - A traveler handbook by Dr Sarvesh Uniyal-Uttarakhand literature-Samaun- The Himalayan Treasure

Prakriti Path Nanda Path - A traveler handbook by Dr Sarvesh Uniyal

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Beautifully presented in the form of a traveler handbook cum Notes diary is a cute souvenir handbook by Dr Sarvesh Uniyal, Published by Winsar Publishing, elaborating the legendary Himalayan Kumbh- Nanda devi Rajjat.

Garhwal Himalaya By Ramakant Bainjwal-Winsar Publishing

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Garhwal Himalaya by sh. Ramakant Benjwal   Publisher-Winsar Publishing

Himalaya Darshan by Digamber Dutt Thapaliyal

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Himalaya Darshan- Himalayas in the pilgrimage of inside by Digamber dutt Thapaliyal. Publisher-Winsar Publishing

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