Comprehensive collection of Himalayan literature and books, specially from Hill state of Uttarakhand. The Literature collection also covers complete range of most renowned publisher of Uttarakhand books  - Winsar Publishing Co. and also famous books on Uttarakhand  from other publishers.



KedarKhand-Garhwal Dharam Sanskriti Vastushilp evam Paryatan-By Hema Uniyal

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Kedar Khand-Garhwal Dharam Sanskriti Vastushilp evam Paryatan-By Hema Uniyal This is a Hard Cover book  

Garhwal Aur Garhwal By ChandraPal Singh Rawat

On Sale Rs. 295.00 Regular price Rs. 350.00

Garhwal Aur Garhwal by sh Chandrapal singh rawat Publisher-Winsar Publishing

Garhwali-Hindi Dictionary by Arvind Purohit/ Beena Benjwal

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Garhwali-hindi shabadkosh  by Beena benjwal and Arvind Purohit  is a comprehensive dictionary for precise translation of Garhwali words in hindi. It has not taken any words as a parameter and presented all entries separately. This dictionary would not only help the students and language scientists...

Himachal Aur Uttarakhand By Brajmani Shilwal

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A book on common cultural heritage  of two Himalayan states Himachal and Uttarakhand. Publisher-Winsar publishing
Bart-Parva-Tyar-By -Dr-Keshava-Dutt-Ruwali- Winsar-Publishing

Bart-Parva-Tyar By Dr Keshava Dutt Ruwali- Winsar Publishing

Rs. 160.00

A  Kumaoni language book on traditional festivals of Himalayan state of Uttarakhand.
Lansdowne Ramleela (Pictorial Book)-Uttarakhand literature-Samaun- The Himalayan Treasure

Lansdowne Ramleela (Pictorial Book)

On Sale Rs. 180.00 Regular price Rs. 200.00

Book on 111 years history of Lansdowne Ramleela in Uttarakhand. Publisher- Winsar Publishing  

In The Garb of Nanda Devi Raj Jaat (English)-Winsar publishing

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A illustrative book by Sh. Chandra Singh Negi on Nanda Devi Rajjat which is also known as The Himalayan Kumbha  Publisher-Winsar publishing
Himalaya ka Pradeshik Bhugol by Dr SC Kharkwal-Winsar Publishing-Uttarakhand literature-Samaun- The Himalayan Treasure

Himalaya ka Pradeshik Bhugol by Dr SC Kharkwal-Winsar Publishing

On Sale Rs. 185.00 Regular price Rs. 195.00

This book presents the changes in the geographic and economic scenario of the Himalayan states. This book will prove to be important for teachers, students and people interested in different subjects. By Winsar publishing
Himalayee Rajya : Sandarbh Kosh by Jai Singh Rawat-Winsar Publishing-Uttarakhand literature-Samaun- The Himalayan Treasure

Himalayee Rajya : Sandarbh Kosh by Jai Singh Rawat-Winsar Publishing

On Sale Rs. 150.00 Regular price Rs. 165.00

The Himalayan states, which are spread out from Indus to the Brahmputra river have geographical, organic and social diversities. An effort has been made to compile the maximum information about these states in this book. This book will help in increasing the knowledge of the...
Havoc-in-Heaven-by ved-vilas-uniyal-Winsar Publishing

Havoc in Heaven By Ved Vilas Uniyal-Winsar Publishing

On Sale Rs. 285.00 Regular price Rs. 295.00

A book by Ved Vilas Uniyal on Kedarnath flood Disaster in  Uttarakhand  during June 2013.The book provides detailed account of the unfortunate incident.the writer visited the flood affected areas of kedarnath valley uttarakhand personally after the disaster and penned down all details in this book. Publisher-Winsar...
Jaadui Bugyalon Ke Paar By Manish Auli-Uttarakhand literature-Samaun- The Himalayan Treasure

Jaadui Bugyalon Ke Paar By Manish Auli

Rs. 95.00

 A beautiful journey narrative to Rudranath trek by sh Manish Auli.This book is published by Winsar publishing
Pahad ke Narbhakshi By Lakhpat singh Rawat-Uttarakhand literature-Samaun- The Himalayan Treasure

Pahad ke Narbhakshi By Lakhpat singh Rawat

On Sale Rs. 170.00 Regular price Rs. 200.00

Memoirs of  Uttarakhand 's famous hunter sh. Lakhpat singh Rawat on his encounters with man eaters of Himalayan state .Published by Winsar publishing.

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