Comprehensive collection of Himalayan literature and books, specially from Hill state of Uttarakhand. The Literature collection also covers complete range of most renowned publisher of Uttarakhand books  - Winsar Publishing Co. and also famous books on Uttarakhand  from other publishers.


Prakriti Path Ganga Path (Traveler's Handbook)- Dr Sarvesh Uniyal-Uttarakhand literature-Samaun- The Himalayan Treasure

Prakriti Path Ganga Path (Traveler's Handbook)- Dr Sarvesh Uniyal

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This book written by Dr Sarvesh Uniyal & published by Winsar publishing,enriched with attractive colored photos gives information about the various towns that fall on the pathway of the Holy Ganga from Haridwar to Gangotri. The book also gives information about the various rituals conducted...
Uttarakhand-Utpad-Uttarakhand-Upahar( Handbook) by Dr Sarvesh Uniyal

Uttarakhand Utpad-Uttarakhand Upahar( Handbook) by Dr Sarvesh Uniyal

Rs. 195.00

This Uttarakhand traveler's handbook by Dr. Servesh Uniyal is winner of National Tourism Award-2018. The book provides well documented information about the best places to visit, produce & native crafts, main events of Uttarakhand and can also be used as an Uttarakhand souvenir as it enriches...
Swadheenta-Andolan-mein-Uttarakhand-ki-Patrakarita-By Jay Singh Rawat

Swadheenta Andolan mein Uttarakhand ki Patrakarita By Jay Singh Rawat

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A book on role of Uttarakhand Journalism during Indian struggle of Freedom. Publisher- Winsar Publishing

Uttarakhand - Janjatiyon ka Itihaas

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A book on history of Uttarakhand 'sTribes by Sh. Jai singh Rawat

Winsar Uttarakhand Atlas by Dr. Indu Bharti

Rs. 135.00

latest edition Winsar Uttarakhand Atlas-Drishya manchitrawali by Dr. Indu Bharti apprises us about Uttarakhand states proud past, land,water resources, forests, environment,geography and historic heritages. It includes photos and maps apart from subject matter.The Uttarakhand Atlas would let the readers have better understating of natural and economic resources of their state. Students,candidates...

Uttarakhand Handbook by Shailendra Singh Negi

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This book has been prepared keeping in mind the needs of the students who are preparing for competitive examinations of uttarakhand. The book includes General knowledge, gist, solved questions and model question papers

Uttarakhand Himalaya ki Rangpa Janjati By Alam singh Chauhan

Rs. 200.00

Uttarakhand ki Rangpa Janjati is the book written on Social and cultural context of the Rangpa tribe of Uttarakhand.

Tinchri Mai by Kuldeep Rawat- winsar Publishing

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Tinchri Mai by Kuldeep Rawat Publisher - Winsar Publishing

Itti Si Baat by Satish Shukla

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Itti Si Baat by Satish Shukla Publisher-winsar publishing

Aas Paas by Satish Shukla

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Aas Paas-Story collection by Satish Shukla Publisher- Winsar Publishing

Uttarakhand Ke Bhadon ki Suprasiddh Lok Gaathayen

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Uttarakhand Ke Bhadon ki Suprasidh Lok Gaathayen by Dr. Nagendra Dhyani Publisher- Winsar Publishing

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