About us

What is Samaun

'Samaun(समौण)' is an Uttarakhandi word which means ' A memorable gift' .So we at Samaun are  working towards bringing native craft and pure local produce from Himalayan Hinterland,which are truly Memorable gifts of Himalayas, on a single platform.

Samaun as a social entrepreneurial venture

Samaun was formed on the belief that the state of artisans and farmers of the Himalayan states would not be improved unless they get a professional approach & channel to market their native products.Also the rampant migration from the hills to planes can only be checked if we can provide sustained livelihood to small farmers and artisans at their doorstep in hinterland.A fair upfront price, scalable market for their products, would encourage them not to give up traditional farming and handicraft making, which would also preserve the  Himalayan tradition and culture.

Samaun as a comprehensive marketing platform for native Himalayan products

 After extensive research and travel in far flung areas of Himalayan region,the idea was conceptualized to display and market these native products online and offline while paying fair and upfront price for their products.

Earlier most of the artisans we are now working with, used to sell their products mostly at exhibitions only.These means were not able to provide them with a sustained and scalable livelihood. Samaun presented them the benefit of marketing their products to pan Indian customers at a single platform, which would be able to provide them regular orders with scalable earnings.Also brought before them the advantages of continuous feedback from customers to improve, standardize and make their products more marketable .

In this thread,we are connecting people who are working specifically in two areas

1 .Himalayan Handicrafts & souvenirs

2 .Local Agri produce of Himalaya

Hand Picking the Products

Produce and Handicrafts are purchased directly from small farmers,Artisans,Self Help Groups( specially women SHGs ) and prominent NGOs to ensure fair cost and authenticity of the produce.

The selection of products is based on following criteria

  1. Locate those craft and traditions which are in common practice but aren’t market ready. So formalise their production and presentation as per market.
  2. Find out the extinct craft and revive its production while locating the related artisans for that and encouraging them to start again.
  3. Identify native agri-forest produce which is local to Himalayan state and not available normally elsewhere, so would create good demand if we ensure smooth supply in market

Marketing Channels

www.samaun.com is now most comprehensive E-commerce platform for Himalayan products , Also SAMAUN is having its retail presence in Dehradun,Uttarakhand with most comprehensive collection of Uttarakhand Himalayan produce,handicraft,souvenirs,cultural and ethnic gifts.produced by native farmers and artisans.Some more stores are to be added soon.

About Promoters

Samaun is founded by a software engineer couple having roots in Uttarakhand.After working for almost 13 years In India and abroad with top software companies and clients in mostly Travel & Tourism domain,they decided to reverse migrate from UK(United Kingdom) to UK(Uttarakhand).

Their roots in Himalayan state of Uttarakhand and will to create a ’benefit for all in society’ where tradition would revived and preserved with creation of livlihood locally, without disturbing any ecosystem,led them to form Samaun.